How do you assess a candidate in our current times?

This is the million-dollar question, we have been asking this since the beginning of human relationships. How do you get to know someone? Are you able to truly get to know that person as a whole or just tiny pieces? Well… there is a lot written about it in ancient philosophy, anthropology, psychology, and sociology. Sadly there is not an easy way for sure.

Back here, in the talent industry, we know that this question sometimes tends to be answered with tons of tools, templates, quizzes, magical tricks that apparently can unveil the truth about a person, their experience, and skills. But is it actually the case?

Can we truly apply one absolute recipe to assess everyone, no matter their context, personality, history? I think the answer is quite obvious, when we do this exercise, but is it so obvious in our industry?

We are living in these new and hopefully better times where we are finally talking about real people and their actual lives. Black lives matter, #metoo movement, unnaturalizing police brutality, climate change, minimalist mindset, anti-consumerism movement, structural poverty, and exclusion being spoken about and much more.

We can’t reduce people and their diversity to a one-fits-all recipe! If we are really taking action into more diverse recruitment and talent attraction this can’t be the answer.

Then you will think: How do we do it then? Because I know that we want to be better, more objective, and data-driven, but a robotic approach is not the answer.

How do we truly assess people? Like people have done since the beginning: talking, forming relationships. Those relationships don’t have to be long-lasting but can have a profound and meaningful conversation even in a short talk.

What are we asking in our interviews? Are those same cliche questions that you can google and become a robotic candidate as well? Are we actually talking with our candidates, asking about their real lives and experiences?

For example, when we ask about actual problems faced challenges, difficulties, areas of improvements, dreams, and expectations for example we are having actual conversations where we can get to know our candidate, their experience, mindset, skills, and personality. Yes, it can sound subjective or time-consuming to try to build a connection with your candidates, but we are humans and we know how to do it.

This is not something new, but sadly we have been losing connection with ourselves, with our planet, with the people around us. But the answer is not more interference, more filters, and platforms to hide from.

We can be data-driven and build connections with our candidates, we can plan our interviews and at the same time have different paths for different people as you get to know them. Social sciences have been doing this for centuries, gathering data with a human touch.

The answer for me is to build even more human interaction, more talks, factual questions, histories, experiences to enhance everything that makes us different.

Just in those differences we will find our strength and will be able to build valuable companies.




I’m a data + people nerd. Studied Sociology and did a bunch of research. Im a Talent Connector, a Candidate Experience Advocate and a Data Driven TechRecruiter

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Carolina Amieva

Carolina Amieva

I’m a data + people nerd. Studied Sociology and did a bunch of research. Im a Talent Connector, a Candidate Experience Advocate and a Data Driven TechRecruiter

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